Going Remote: Start Here

  1. Allow people to work from anywhere in the world: including a beach, or a branch in a high tree if they so desired
  2. Allow the team to hire amazing talent from all over the world
  3. Allow flexibility where work and life could seamlessly blend to suit the lifestyle any person chose for themselves and their families

#1 Choose A Work Collaboration Software

#2 Choose a Chat Application

#3 Choose a Meeting Application

#4 Define Rules of Work

  1. Task and work inside the collaboration tool
  2. Talk and communicate inside the chat tool
  3. Use email for external comms, not internal comms
  4. Do not task people inside chat tools (This happens very easily. We overcome it by using bots to automate tasks from chat applications to our collaboration tools.)
  5. If confusion persists for more than 3 chats, get into a virtual meeting room and talk it out

#5 Design ALL Workspaces

#6 Create A Love Channel

#7 Make Sprinting Mandatory



CEO of a startup redefining the future of work — part chaos, part rocket fuel. Find me on www.clairehaidar.com

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